Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Rowing Machines


The rowing machine exercise is an indoor exercise and it has several health benefits. It is a serious component of cross fit that should be afforded the respect it deserves through regular practice. This exercise helps to keep your body fit and healthy and it helps to breathe easy. It is an efficient and effective low impact exercise that utilizes the abdomen, arms, legs and back to provide a total body workout and the rowing stroke is a smooth and continuous movement. There are four steps to each stroke you to take on the best rowing machine such as catch, drive, finish and the recovery. You start each stroke with the catch while the drive is when the power is generated and the finish obviously is the end of the stroke with the recovery. To maximize your calorie burn, focus on higher speeds for a shorter period of the time when using an indoor rowing machine. In this exercise quickly for twenty minutes will burn more calories than rowing at a moderate and the many benefits of this exercise are obvious such as burn calories, lose weight, fit your body and improve your heart health. You want to put effort into the rowing stroke is a combination of the stroke rate and resistance setting and there is a greater stress put on the back with the slower stroke rate. When a person regularly workout for several weeks and their fitness level increases and the time of the workout can increase your body fit. Following these rowing machine techniques will also make your indoor rowing session more safe workout and enjoyable.


Some techniques to improve rowing machines

  • First, step seat comfortable on the seat of your rowing machine with your knee bent and your shins vertical and then make sure your back is parallel to your things and upright. Get more details here.
  • And then extend your arms forward and putting them to the floor and hold the handlebars with the firm. Extend your legs fully and pushing against the foot pads and keeps your body upright and continues through the extension.
  • This technique will engage the core of the body beginning the motion backward and you will begin pulling the handlebar toward your body no higher than chest level. As you move backward the force needed by the legs will increase. Source of information:
  • Your legs should still extend and flat during the finish and your shoulder should be slightly behind your hips and elbows should be bent with your hands against your chest.
  • After completing this you will slowly go back to the original position and this will give you time to recover from the drive and finish.
  • Your arms will be fully extended and straight and your torso should move back over your pelvis and with your hands over your knees, your legs will once again bend toward the stretcher or foot pads.
  • The whole way through the drive you should feel a solid connection between the footplates and the balls of your feet and your heels will lift up at different points during an owing stroke. Your position is one of the most important aspects of proper rowing machine technique.


The many benefits of rowing machine exercise are obvious and it helps you to keeps your body fit. There is a different type of rowing machine is available in the market so before buying you should research and also read about the rowing machine reviews to help you what great model fits your needs as well as your budget.