Beginner’s Yoga Workshop

wellness concept, beautiful silhouette of woman practicing yoga

Vinyasa yoga is an amazing tool to help you deal with stress, get into better shape and experience something more from your workout (because yoga is so much more than that!). Learn how to simply feel better. You’ve heard the buzz that a yoga practice can make this happen.


What are you waiting for?

In my Beginner’s Yoga Workshop you’ll learn the basics of yoga in a safe and welcoming environment. No need to question whether you’re doing it right or wondering if everyone is staring at you 😉 Everyone else is new too.

Plus, with my small class size you’ll be given the personal attention you want.

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

I teach a physical style of the vinyasa practice. My beginner’s workshop and basics classes do move at a slow pace for new students. Of course, you’ll build heat in the body so expect to sweat (but you knew that already… it’s kinda what you’re looking for!).

Here’s what’s included:

  • two hour workshop
  • personal instruction
  • a free drop in to one class the following week
  • breakdown of poses taught during the workshop
  • at home practice
  • plus a bonus video

What we’ll cover:

  • the benefits of yoga
  • the importance of our breath
  • the poses that make up Sun Salutation A (plus, what the heck that even is!)
  • how to move through Sun Salutation A
  • foundational standing poses
  • restorative poses

Beginner’s Workshop Love | What Students are Saying:

“I felt more energized and happy immediately after. I loved it and can’t wait to go back 🙂 Erica seems like such a wonderful, sweet lady! And a great teacher” Jessica M.

“As my first real yoga class (aside from what yoga-ish moves Jillian Michaels throws in her workout vids), my experience at YogaFlow Studio was fabulous. Erica was friendly, welcoming, and helpful the entire class. Very much looking forward to my next class.” Raven Anne S.

“I had a great time. I liked that it was a small class and very relaxing. Erica is a fantastic teacher and I feel comfortable going to her classes. She’s also very patient.” Kristin M.

Frequently asked questions:

1)   What’s the difference between this workshop and your basics classes? My basics classes move at a slow pace and are designed for new students. This workshop moves at a different pace and style. We will break down the poses and discuss the importance of props and proper alignment in greater depth than we would in class.

2)   Is this required for new students? No, but if you are brand new to yoga it’s recommended that you attend this workshop so you know the foundations of vinyasa yoga.

3)   I’m a visual learner. How’s this taught? For my beginner’s workshop I demonstrate the poses on my mat at the front of the room. While this is different from my style of teaching, I’ve found it most helpful for beginners. When we’re brand new we need to see what’s going on. I still include detailed verbal instruction for those who learn better that way.

4)   I’d like to start a yoga practice, but I’m not interested in a lot of movement. Is this for me? That’s perfectly fine! There are many styles of yoga and I’d be happy to connect you with a teacher that better suits your needs.